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Q: what kind of wax do you use in your candles?
A: our candles and melts are made from a soy-blend wax. our wax is vegan and environmentally-friendly.

Q: how long do your candles burn?
 the burn time for our 9oz candles is 40-45 hours. the burn time for our 6oz candles is 30-35 hours. 

Q: do you offer unscented candles?
A: upon request, & ivy can make custom candles, including unscented. please reach out to us through our contact page to discuss options!

Q: how should I care for my candles to ensure the best burn?

A: every order is packaged with a candle care card that provides instructions on how to ensure the best burn and how to achieve it safely. instructions can also be found on the bottom of all candles and on our candle safety information page, found here.

Q: do you use eco-friendly packaging?

A: our packaging includes recyclable cardboard boxes filled with corn starch packing peanuts sealed with paper tape.

Q: what is & ivy's shipping & handling time?
A: 7-10 business days.

Q: what is & ivy's return policy?
A: please review our policies here.

Q: can I reuse or recycle the candle containers?

A: we do not advise the reuse of candle containers for candle purposes. however, we highly recommend the reuse of our candle jars for household and personal use. to clean out your candle jar, use a hair dryer or candle warmer to melt the remaining wax from the candle. in order to remove remaining wicks and wick stickers, use a dull item, like a butter knife, to carefully pry the adhesive from the jar. then, use isopropyl alcohol to clean the wax and sticker reside from the jar, followed by washing with dish soap.


made in denver, co